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Happy Holiday after all

Recently, the Vermont Festival of trees filled the ballroom of the Killington Grand Hotel - green trees, twinkling lights and glittering decorations. Children eagerly dragged parents from tree to tree. "Look at the train at the bottom of this one!" "See the big skier sitting on the branches." "Wow, a pineapple at the top of that one." "I think Monkey Business is the best tree."

There was a line to buy raffle tickets and then scurry to use them to vote.

At Santa's workshop, a story was read. With the help of elves, children decorated a wooden car, a picture frame or a treasure box. On the wall there was a painting of ski slopes. Viewers relaxed in chairs listening to music.

Outside, steam rose from the pool and clouds from snowmaking. Winter was coming. Snow was coming. Today skiing at the top; tomorrow skiing everywhere.

What a difference from the fall when Killington, recovering from Irene, was virtually isolated. People went to the First Response desk gave information and got help; they came to community meals to be with others, share stories and hear the news. Route 4 was rebuilt. Killington opened. The festival was in full swing-lights, music and laughter.

Congratulations to those who pulled us together to make this a bright and happy season.

For eight year the Killington Arts Guild has contributed to the festival, Ann Wallen and Maurie Harrington did the original ski slope painting. One year we displayed decorated pallets; another we judged trees. Every year we trimmed a tree. This year's was decorated by Sally Curtis and others. Curtis also compiled the KAG December 2011 Newsletter.

In other KAG news, Alice Sciore persuaded PEG-TV to video the KAG Gallery. This video was shown recently and eventually will be available on the PEG-TV website. Member Saskia Hagen Groom interviewed Alice Sciore, Susan Wacker Donle, Sally Curtis and Diana Miller for a program on KAG Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. and Dec. 23 at 11:30 a.m.

Killington's 250 Anniversary Celebration displays will be in the KAG Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts until Feb. 10.

Happy Holiday to you all.

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