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Go for the Light

Those who attended the Thanksgiving Reception at the Killington Arts Guild found how bright and uplifting the gallery is with its walls filled with the finest efforts of local artists. Many came for the first time. The PEG TV videographer arrived as promised and interviewed everyone. They told him about the Guild and their enthusiasm enhances the brightness of Gallery. It is the darkest season, with the shortest days; the sun hangs low on the southern horizon, dark clouds move into the mountains. It can be gloomy. This is the time to go for the light.

A year or so ago Cinda Peyton who is associated with the Rutland county Office on Aging gave a program for KAG in the Sherburne Memorial Library on "How to Find J in Your Life."  Cinda said, "Look for what makes you feel good and go for it. Go for the light." The last verse of a poem about that evening reads "The meeting ends. We have cookies and tea. George sits down and plays the piano. We form a conga line and dance. That's how it should be, that's what lights us up like a Christmas tree."

Other places that have lightened our spirits include Liquid Art where KAG members go for coffee, a light snack and art on display; including the works of KAG artists. Recently, members have visited the Snow Angel, a restaurant run by Victoria and her brother Gorgi, native Bulgarians. It is located where Kicks used to be, and Barbara's before that, on Rte. 4 going west from Killington. There is an historic painting of Pico Ski Area in the front room.  Good food, atmosphere, and of course, art- the work of KAG member Judy Gould is featured on the walls.

The Holiday Festival of Trees is in the Grand Hotel. KAG's tree titled "Trees Pretty Please" features glittering ornaments shaped like trees. KAG members worked hard on the festival. The Potluck Trio played and sang and we went for the light, again.

The Killington Arts Guild Winter show, "Art in Your Life," has been rescheduled for February. There will be a reception on February 18, 2011. Bring new pieces February 13-14 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The KAG Gallery open every business day is at Cabin Fever Gifts on Rte. 4 opposite the Killington Access Road. KAG  website

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