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Cathy Quaglia: Words that fall like snow flakes

Cathy inherited a love of poetry from her mother Margaret. She came to love the classics. When she was a legal assistant in New York City she was invited to a ski club house in Pittsfield. She tried skiing, loved it, gave up her job, joined the club and lived in Pittsfield. Cathy taught skiing at Killington from 1975-1982 and sold real-estate since 1978. She met Lee skiing and married him in 1975. They started a ski tune-up shop on Route 4, built two new buildings and Aspen East was launched.

Together Cathy and Lee created a successful ski business with the motto: "Quality has no competition." Over the last 20 years, awards for excellence have come from Snow Country, Ski Business, and SKI Magazine. Every year since SKI Magazine started Gold Medal Awards, Aspen East has won the Top Ski Shop Golden Medal Award.

One summer, Cathy and Lee loaned their original building to the Killington Arts Guild for a gallery and became KAG members. When KAG started poetry sessions, Cathy brought out her poem "Ode to Skiing" which Preston Smith used for years in the Killington Ski Area brochure. She asked Alice Sciore to paint a background for it and the first Watercolor Words print was created. Three prints are on display at the KAG Gallery in the current show.

Cathy submitted her poems to and she began reading at the KAG Gathering of Poets.

Writing Forum chose Cathy as Writer of the Month for December 2011, saying: "Her love of the outdoors, snow, and color randomly splashed on the mosaic of nature, distinguishes the art and words of Cathy Quaglia. A poet, a dreamer, a rider of the storm, Cathy coaxes us from mountains to shores…" Enjoy her poems on the KAG website:

The KAG Gallery is open every business day at Cabin Fever Gifts Route 4 opposite the Killington Access Road.

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