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Mountain Musings 10.13

At the September meeting of the Town of Killington Parks and Recreation Department Commission, Mike Sutcliffe presented his report. Mike distributed the Recreation Department's 2011 Fall Brochure, which lists the majority of the town's standard programs. There is a new program this year entitled "Circus for All." On the last day of the program there will be a performance for all the parents of the children who participated. It is being organized by Christine Landon. The program needs a minimum of 12 children for this program to go forward.

In an update on the pool maintenance proposals, Mike distributed the two proposals he received from Patenaude Pool Plasterers, Inc. and Custom Pools, Inc. The tropical storm Irene flood waters went right through the pool house and left a lot of mud inside. Mike said that the waters may have affected the filter, pool heater and pumps.

Each of the proposals was discussed in depth. Mike said, upon inspection, more cracks have appeared in the pool. He found out that the last time Rutland Town did maintenance on their pool was 15 years ago and it completely collapsed and cost them $80K. He was told that structurally, the pool is sound but maintaining it is essential to keep it that way.

The Commissioners then discussed the Recreation Department's Capital Reserve Fund which has been rolled over for many years and has funds in it earmarked for the pool. They also discussed the need for a new lawn mower.

Mike will speak with Patenaude, and he will also reach out to Woodstock and prepare his presentation to the Selectboard with photos and a special meeting of the Recreation Commission before he meets with the Selectboard.

Regarding Smoke Free signs, this subject will be on next year's agenda. Mike looked into extending the pool's closing date versus cost and next year we will look at it again.

Regarding the analysis of budget for the summer camps, Commissioner James Godfrey reported that his voluntary analysis of budget to actual on the camps had to be postponed until the October meeting due to the storm.

In new business, Mike presented a report on the storm damage to the recreation facility and trails. Mike and Jeff Hegewald have been taking inventory of the Recreation Department's facilities.

Mike reported that our whole baseball field was wiped out due to the storm's floodwaters, but the dugouts are sound. A major concern is the bordering creek, which was filled with stone. The equipment in the shed was destroyed. The pool house was inundated with mud. The pool pump is in question, the sand filters are in question and the pump for the baby pool was under water. Commissioner Steve Nisimblat asked if the insurance representative has come to give us an estimate and Mike said that we are working to get fully inventoried and submit to FEMA.

Regarding trail damage, Mike reported that the road to the trail was washed out and the punch-ins are displaced but not gone. An email was sent out to set a work date so the trail can be ready in the spring.

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