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Killington Arts Guild - 10.6

Beginning again isn't easy to do, but the Killington Arts Guild is making a great new start. The third Killington Salon hosted by Jill Dye and Duane Finger at the Killington Dream Ski Lodge featured Melissa Marvel (voice and guitar), Steve Smith (French cittern and voice), and Ellen Berkeley who introduced her husband Roy's recording of FDR-era folk songs with guitar. It was a wonderful evening.

A fourth Salon is planned, date and time to be announced soon. Jill's KAG painting workshop created Vermont landscapes in the tradition of Chinese brush painting.  Attendees came from New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, and included Peggy Pratt. Lauren Wilder's program on food as art included a display of tools for transforming vegetables and fruits into decorations. Everyone had a chance to use them, create and take home samples. Lauren's presentations are always well planned and enjoyable.

The KAG Board of Directors met recently, for the first time since Hurricane Irene, to make and confirm plans. Oct. 15 Glen Campbell will be "Pouring Iron and Casting Bronze" from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. outside the gallery on the grounds of the Cabin Fever Gifts on Route 4 opposite the Killington Access Road.

The Gathering of Poets will take place Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Sherburne Memorial Library. Readers and listener's are welcome. Readers may bring their own poetry or poetry of others. Refreshments. Take time to attend and share your favorite verses.

The new Gallery Show: "The Art of Your Life" will be put up on November 4, along with the historic displays from the Killington's 200th Anniversary Celebration, which Alice Score is arranging.

Benefits are being held to raise money for those who suffered from Hurricane Irene. We hope you will support these events. KAG members Melissa Marvel and the Pot Luck Trio, Jack Harrington, Bernie and Donna Martin, recently gave a program for Rev. Diana Root, at the Mission Farm. This is a time everyone needs to pull together.

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