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Killington Trails Leadership Team Seeks Volunteers

Among the many calls for help that the Killington Fire and Rescue volunteers have recently received and responded to was for a working fire in the basement of a local home. Basement fires are among the most dangerous and difficult to fight as the firefighters are encountering high heat and dense smoke as they descend the stairs to the lowest level. Congratulations are in order to the fire department volunteers as the home was saved and there were no injuries incurred.
At the July 11 meeting of the Town of Killington Parks and Recreation Commission the Recreation Director, Mike Sutcliffe, presented his report. Regarding summer camps, Mike reported that we are in our second week of summer camps. We have had some good numbers of campers to date, and these numbers will climb as the summer goes on. We have received a lot of compliments on the summer camps.
Regarding swim lessons, Mike reported that swim lessons are very heavily attended again this year. The second week of Session One, we have a strong turnout and Brittany Wonsor and Liz Titterton are doing a great job.
Regarding the Sport Camps, Mike reported that by the end of July we will be having our Challenger Soccer Camp in which European coaches come over to the U.S.A. and our camp is scheduled for July 25 to July 29, for ages 4 to 12 at 9 am. Sign ups are still on-going.
The Top Spin Tennis Camp is being held from August 1 to August 5 at 9:30 am to 11 am with the coach Gary Thompson.
The Swim Team is half way through the season with 2 home meets. The first meet went absolutely perfectly. July 19 was the last meet. We had a spike in registration with 40 kids on the team this year. The coaches, Jim Hennessey and Ryan Wonsor, and parent participation went phenomenally well.
The Splash Theater was held on July 20, at 7 pm.
The River Road Free Concert Series is held on Thursdays at 7 pm behind the library. The Board discussed signage. Commissioner Steve Nisimblatt suggested that Mike have the printers add our logo to the sign that Mike had put together.
Under Old Business, the pool maintenance was discussed. The Board discussed the necessary pool maintenance for the future. Mike plans to present the necessary work to the Selectboard, which work needs to start this fall. They discussed addition of lockers, replacement of the lawn mower, and decided roof repair will be discussed in the fall.
The Killington Trails Leadership Team was next on the agenda. Mike reported that this past Friday they had their first Killington Trails Leadership Team meeting which consisted of members of the community, Green Mountain Club, Seth Webb, and Mike Sutcliffe in which they discussed the River Road Loop Trail. Mike said that steps are being put together to complete the first Killington portion of that trail and looking for 10 volunteers. The scope of work is to build and lay punch-ins on August 6 and August 20. It will be advertised in The Mountain Times. Volunteers will receive an official acknowledgement from the U.S. Forest Service.
Phase II will probably be next spring. At the meeting they also discussed potential trail ventures within the community with some on the horizon now. There is an abundance of trails in our community that nobody is using, which is mostly U.S. Forest Service public lands. Mike will be meeting quarterly on this. A Grant will bring in a trails professional which Elizabeth Reeves (who was hired by the EDT) will be applying for.
Mike then reported that the 250th birthday celebration/4th of July celebration was fantastic weather-wise, and the biggest turn out ever since he's been here. He said that we had close to 90 kids for the field and swimming pool games. It was great to have the 250th birthday elements. The demonstrations went great. The Commission discussed the receipts which were very good and what they can improve next year. Steve Nisimblatt suggested that Mike create a list of things to improve. Special thanks go to Patty McGrath for running the grill and to Eileen Godfrey, Betsey Bianchi and Stevie Bianchi.
Under New Business, the Dog Days competition was reviewed. Mike added that this weekend was over two days and held behind the library.
In a discussion about the events with the Killington Active Seniors, Mike advised that he has been working with Mike Young and Marilyn Copson to put together summer events for the Seniors. On July 13 the Recreation Department provided a van to take Seniors to Woodstock for lunch at the Thompson Senior Center. On Wednesday, August 17 the Recreation Department will take the Seniors to a 2 pm matinee at the New London Barn Playhouse to see "Chicago" with lunch at Ellie's. Call Marilyn at 422-4236 for more information.
The Killington Active Seniors meet every Wednesday at noon for lunch at the Green Mountain National Golf Course at a cost of $5 during the summer and at the Lookout Restaurant on the Killington Road during the winter.
Under Commissioner's concerns, Steve Nisimblatt asked about repairing the gap in the fence at the pool and Mike Sutcliffe said that it will be repaired. Steve asked about the bus we use to transport the kids. He said it may become an issue if the bus is perceived as unsafe. Mike Sutcliffe reassured him. He clarified the type of vehicle as being a mini school bus with seat belts. Steve asked about a winter swim team. He was told it is a huge commitment with the great distances for meets. Mike didn't think we have the population for it.
Betsey Bianchi brought up the need for shade at the pool. The Commission discussed the possibilities. It will be discussed at the next meeting.
James Godfrey asked about moving the porta-potty. Mike said they are discussing building a shielding building around the porta-potty. James asked about the basketball rim replacement and Mike said that it was replaced.
Betsey Bianchi asked about presentation of recognition plaques and the Commission discussed the best time to do it. Next March Town Meeting was tentatively decided upon.
The next meeting of the Town of Killington Parks and Recreation Commission was set for August 8.

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