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Condo owners will save energy and money with assistance from GMP

Green Mountain Power (GMP) has launched a pilot project to help local condominium owners improve comfort and reduce energy costs in their homes. This opportunity is open on a first-come, first-served basis to condo owners and associations in some regions of GMP's service territory. Condo owners along the Route 4 corridor, and in and around Manchester can take advantage of this opportunity right away.

To spearhead the initiative, GMP has hired a local energy services firm, Shelter Analytics to provide tools and consulting support to help homeowner associations navigate the energy efficiency upgrade process. The Shelter Analytics team will inspect the condos, assist in planning projects, identify financing and rebates, help hire contractors, and support work quality.

According to Bob Griffin, Vice President of Power Supply at GMP, "We are really pleased to be able to help our customers by making it easier for condo owners to become more energy efficient. It is especially satisfying that this project will help them work through all the details of hiring contractors and building consensus among all the interested parties at their condominium homeowners' association."

Bret Hamilton, General Manager of Shelter Analytics, adds "We are here to help condo association members come to agreement on the best ways to save energy and money for their building, figure out the best way to pay for the work, and facilitate the process from start to finish. Our goal is to make the whole process as transparent as possible and demystify what is often a fairly technical process."

The real value for condo owners is getting neighbors together to improve entire buildings. The savings increase and improvement costs are lower when homeowners work together. Improved comfort and health are typically reported as unexpected, but welcome, side effects of energy upgrades.

Interested condo owners should contact Shelter Analytics to see if their condo association is eligible for an informative workshop on how to plan and make efficiency improvements. A condo efficiency team will be available for consultation and support and is currently scheduling workshops and home energy checkups with eligible condo associations through 2013. 

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