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SUCC announces 175th anniversary celebration scheduled for Sept. 15

"It's one of the few times you'll be able to make an organ donation while you are still alive," Keim had said.

KILLINGTON - On Sept. 15, 2013, the Sherburne United Church of Christ will present a special celebration service at the little white church that has graced the approach to the Route 4 valley since 1838. This familiar landmark has served the community for 175 years, initially as a meeting place and later as a place of worship.
In 1860, the building was enlarged and alterations were made to the pulpit and gallery, according to the church brochure written by Donna Martin. The steeple was added at this time. When the state widened Route 4 in 1957, the building was moved back from the road and onto a new foundation. At that time purchases were made from the Gaysville Church for pews, a chandelier, two long handled collection boxes, and two dozen Bennington Ware spittoons! The congregation had joined with Gaysville and Pittsfield, by that time, forming the Tri-Valley Parish, which flourished until 1984 when the SUCC seceded from that arrangement to offer full-time ministry to the community.
In 1979, a historic ecumenical step was taken with the agreement to share the building with the Roman Catholic congregation, Our Lady of the Mountains. Ecumenical services have been shared on special occasions.
A fire destroyed an interior portion of the sanctuary in 1987.
When funds were needed to replace the burned organ, Ken Keim encouraged the Catholic parishioners to contribute, "It's one of the few times you'll be able to make an organ donation while you are still alive," Keim had said.
As your church here in Killington, we serve as emissaries for Jesus Christ by inviting all to worship with us and to learn his teachings, by modeling Him in thought, word and deed, by laboring for justice and peace in the world, and by supporting our greater community.
The anniversary worship service will include the singing of many familiar hymns, readings about the church's past, present and future ministries, and an opportunity to share joys and concerns in our lives.
Lunch will be served in the fellowship hall following the service.
We invite all of you to join us for this special occasion.
For more information, please call Pastor Beverly Anderson at 422-3484 or Jane Hanley at 422-3271.