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PEGTV names new producer for Channel 21

RUTLAND - PEGTV, Rutland County's public access television station, is pleased to announce the addition of Cristina Kumka to its staff as a new reporter and producer for Channel 21.

"With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College Cristina adds a dimension to our talented and diverse staff that will greatly enhance the content of our government channel," said Michael J. Valentine, executive director at the station. "We are truly excited to welcome Cristina to our team."

Ms. Kumka brings 8 years of journalism experience to PEGTV's government channel 21 on Comcast cable. She will delve into the local issues that affect Rutland county residents and report on them during a new 10-minute segment, yet to be named, that is currently in production and will be running Monday through Thursday.

PEGTV is comprised of Channels 15, 20 and 21 and is available throughout the Rutland Region to all cable subscribers. Streaming programming and video on demand services are also available online at

Photo courtesy of PEGTV

Cristina Kumka joins the PEGTV team as a new reporter and producer for PEGTV channel 21.