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Letter to the Editor: Constable Montgomery maintains a high level of professionalism while being accessible

Dear Editor,

In my years of working in Killington and cultivating business relationships, I have also had the pleasure of meeting some people in the course doing business here who I come to admire and respect, one such person is Whit Montgomery. I have known the Montgomery family through Whit's dad Bob for over 12 years and know that they are a well respected family in our town. Whit, being in law enforcement, always maintained a high level of professionalism and familiarity while being accessible and friendly.

But it was during my organizing of the "Concert for Killington Area" in the weeks and months following Irene that Whit showed up on my radar. His "can do" attitude and "I'll take care of that for you" was a real help to making the event run smoothly. His presence lent an air of legitimacy to the event that I appreciated very much.

In the subsequent time lapsed since that event, I have seen Whit around town in his civilian clothes supporting and giving a quiet integrity to other worthwhile causes. I also have recently had a fan of mine involved in a minor traffic accident in Killington comment how kind, and understanding that "police officer" was, and upon looking at the accident report I  was not surprised to see the name Whit Montgomery.

I highly recommend Whit Montgomery to be voted in as Killington First Constable, and I encourage all my friends here in town to support his candidicy.

Joey Leone, Killington musician