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Letter to the Editor: Teens are responsible and productive members of the local workforce

Dear Editor,

I have just finished reading the column "Reasons I did not get flu shot..."

I am amazed, upset and appalled that the contents of this article. For Brett Yates to insinuate that the responsible and productive teenagers who are employed by CVS and Walgreen's are "shooting up with heroin and Mountain Dew Code Red" is both offensive and disgusting. Many of these responsible teenagers are working to save money for college or in some cases to supplement the income of their immediate families. This article is not positive or constructive and certainly is not objective journalism.

CVS and Walgreen's should be commented for giving local teenagers an opportunity for employment instead of having baseless accusations and innuendoes thrown at them by a this negative writer.

I am a satisfied customer at both of these stores and have never heard or seen any type of evidence that would imply that any of the employed teenagers are shooting up heroin and Mountain Dew Code Red. The working relationship between these teenagers and these companies appear beneficial to both.

If Mr. Yates has the names of any teenagers who are guilty of any of his accusations, I hope he will be a conscientious citizen and report these names to the hot lines of CVS or Walgreen's immediately or he can call the local police with the information. Hopefully, Mr. Yates was asked about his source of names for his accusations before this article was considered for publication.

I believe that these accusations should be rescinded and retracted as well as a sincere apologize given to CVS and Walgreen's and to all responsible, employed teenagers locally.

Thanking you,
George W Cockburn

Editor's Note: In Brett Yate's column, "Why I didn't get the flu shot even though I should have" in the Jan. 17 edition he lists 10 "really dumb" excuses for why he did not get the flu shot and is now sick in bed. The first excuse is his irrational distrust of (what he assumes to be) untrustworthy teens.

The definition of a column is a recurring piece or article in a newspaper, magazine or other publication. What differentiates a column from other forms of journalism is that it meets each of the following criteria: 1) It is a regular feature in a publication 2) It is personality-driven by the author 3) It explicitly contains an opinion or point of view. It is not necessarily a researched piece or necessarily factual. This piece was labeled as a column.

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