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Letter to the Editor: Snow tires aid safe driving; phones detract

Dear Editor,

The article " The Zen of Winter Driving in Vermont " by Julia Purdy was well detailed to the challenges of winter driving . I would like to add two important items that were overlooked. Number one the importance of snow tires and number two, the importance of not using your cell phone while driving (anytime.)

All season tires are just that. These are tires designed to function in various weather condition's and not conducive to snow covered roads. The design of the snow tire, basically, is a deep tread with a soft compound rubber. This is designed so that the tire will flex and disperse the build up of snow and slush out of the tread and allow the tire to grip to the surface. An all-season tire is made of hard compound rubber with a much narrower tread design allowing snow and slush to fill in the tread and virtually turn the tire into a slick. All wheel drive/Four wheel drive is helpful but, not the solution to winter.

Cell phones are distracting by themselves let alone trying to drive and talk or text at the same time. Industry research shows that talking or texting while driving is equal or worst than driving while intoxicated!

Peter Ohlweiler, Rutland Motorcars