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Family of five skiers from Michigan lost out of bounds, no injuries

On Jan. 7, at approximately 4:49 p.m., State Police in Rutland received a 911 call from Brandon Helmrich who advised he and four other skiers had intentionally skied out of bounds off a trail in Killington and were lost in the woods.

The group included: Frank Reid age 47, Nathan Reid age 27, Brandon Helmrich age 27, Jennifer Reid age 18, and Stephanie Reid age 20 all from Port Huron, Michigan.

Helmrich was able to maintain periodic contact with the Vermont State Police and Ski Patrol. After obtaining the skier's GPS coordinates from the cellular telephone used to call 911, the skiers were advised to walk back up the trail they'd come down. After directing the skier's where to go, Killington Ski Patrol located all five skiers and escorted them out of the woods. None of the skiers sustained any injuries.