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Letter to the Editor, Alicia Maddox

Dear Editor,

I am currently a student at CCV just about to finish up my Associates' in Liberal Studies. I am hoping to go on for a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and  Education. I am also a mom of five children under 10-years-old. Whether I continue my education in a few more years largely depends on childcare.

I've been in Vermont for almost six years and I have gone through nearly twice as many childcare providers because it is so difficult to find one within my financial means.

Juggling classes and homework as well as all the things that go along with being a single parent, with only having three days free to study, has really impacted my education; the very education I am hoping to elevate myself with.  You see, I do receive childcare subsidy and I am very grateful for the help I get, but I could afford those two extra days, so that I could have them to do my work, I could finish my education.  

I don't want to be on assistance forever. I only want to have a chance to step up into the workforce. That is what public assistance should be used for, to help families get back on their feet, not to keep them in tough economic situations. As a mother and an aspiring graduate, I do not have access to the main tool that would allow my kids to living a financially stable life.

This tool is quality, affordable childcare every day so that I can finish my degree and move out of public housing. This is the need of many parents across the state, and what we need to do is prioritize families and communities. We need a budget that reflects our values, and finds the funds to meet our needs.


Alicia Maddox, White River Jct.

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