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Letter to the Editor, Chris Bianchi

Dear Killington Residents,

For those of you who don't know me, a quick introduction; my family moved to Killington in 1973 as I entered first grade at what is now Killington Elementary. I moved back to the Killington area after college and went to work in my field of Engineering.  I now live full time in Killington and work from my home for a software company. My wife, Betsey, and I have two sons - Joseph and Stephen. For 11 years, I've served on the Board of Trustees of Killington Mountain School, and served for three years on the Woodstock Union High/Middle School Board prior to running for the Killington Selectboard in 2009.

Since that election, our town has seen significant changes and challenges: new Selectboard members, a vote to restructure our short term golf course debt, a complete town-wide reappraisal, a new EDT Director and Town Manager, and a year-long effort to revise and update our Zoning Bylaws - not to mention the worst flooding to hit Killington in history. A challenging first term for any selectman, to say the least!

Yet during that same first term, the Town, the Selectboard, the EDT, the businesses and the Resort have worked hard to improve relationships which are at their best in many years - a key goal identified at the VCRD Community Meetings in 2008. This spirit of community and cooperation was apparent during the Irene Recovery effort, and continues through one of the most challenging winters on record. Killington is a resort community, but it's also our home - and the strength of our economy impacts our communal quality of life.

When I ran, I made only one campaign promise: "to listen, research the issues, and make informed, fair decisions that are in the best interest of our community as a whole."  I've done my best to deliver on that promise, and will continue to do so if you reelect me, as I believe that is undoubtedly the most important role of a selectman.

What I have always thought (and now more than ever) is that what our town needs is stability in government. When I ran for election in 2009, I viewed it as more than a three-year commitment, and my dedication to that belief is part of why I'm asking for your vote on March 6. Our current Selectboard challenges each other on issues, and though we certainly do not always agree, we've proved ourselves able to work together and make difficult decisions. If reelected, I will continue to make decisions based on research and informed opinions, not grudges or private agendas.

I look forward to working hard on behalf of our town as I have since 2009, and humbly ask again for your support via Australian ballot on Tuesday, March 6th.

With much respect,

Chris Bianchi, Killington Selectman

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