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Downtown Rutland restaurants welcome 2014 with $20.14 dinner special

RUTLAND - Nine downtown Rutland restaurants have joined forces welcoming the New Year with special dinner offers. Starting Feb. 3, Griffin's, Kelvans, Little Harry's, New Kong Chow, Roots, Sals, Table 24, The Palms and Three Tomatoes will all offer an appetizer and an entrée for $20.14.
"A couple of the downtown restaurants had the idea to do a 'kick-off to 2014' promotion," explained Laura Conti, who is helping to market the coordinated effort through the Downtown Rutland Partnership. "Allen Fry from Three Tomatoes was the one who brought it to me… it was just an inkling of an idea, but they had to move fast. They needed help reaching out to the rest of the fine dining restaurant owners to see who was interested and if it was feasible," she continued.
"All of the restaurants were excited about the idea of doing something 'together' as a community.
Rutland has a wonderful concentration of very good restaurants - and they wanted to promote this as a unit," Conti said.
The idea focused on offering a $20.14 menu for one app and one entrée to commemorate the new year, so they needed to act fast, before the 'new year' concept wore off.
"Since February is the '2nd' month in 2014 (2/14) it seemed like the right time to do it," said Conti. Adding that the idea was all theirs, "our role was simply helping to organize it."
The nine restaurants will offer the deal for one week.
This "kick-off" restaurant promotion, is the latest in a growing trend of downtown Rutland businesses coordinating efforts for their collective benefit. "From my perspective, I think it's fantastic," said Conti. "Our downtown businesses are coming together to present a unified message - and it's a growing trend. Tim Schneller (Timco) applied for a DRP marketing grant to initiate the 'animated windows' program which saw over 40 businesses participate. Our Arts organizations joined together for a separate DRP marketing grant, and started their campaign last week. And now we have a group of restaurants coming together to run a dinner promotion."
Before the current promotion has even begun, these busy restaurateurs, have already started discussing future plans for for a larger scale event. There aren't any plans yet, but stay tuned!