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Bethany Bosch to swim 25 miles, the length of Lake Memphremagog, Sept. 7

Summer training prepares Bosch for 2014 English Channel attempt

WALLINGFORD - Six months after Intrepid Athletics hosted its first fundraising event for Bethany Bosch, of Wallingford, Vt., she continues to prepare for her 2014 swim across the English Channel, accomplishing many impressive feats this summer. Some of these include her participation in two sessions of Ned Denison's Long Distance Swim Camp in Cork, Ireland, a 20-mile swim in Tampa Bay, FL, and several hundred more miles in daily swims including several night swims in area lakes and reservoirs.
On Aug. 17, Bethany Bosch completed a five mile swim with her dog Guri. Guri Bosch, a 3-year-old chocolate labrador retriever, completed the point-to-point 5-mile swim in 2 hours 48 minutes to win the newly established Canine Division. It may have been the longest swim for a dog in organized swimming history, organizers say.
Now, Bethany is preparing for her longest swim yet. On Saturday, Sept. 7, she will swim 25 miles - the length of Lake Memphremagog. She will begin in Newport, Vt. at midnight and continue to Magog, QC.
"Of all of the places in the world that one could swim, it is both inspiring and wonderful to have such a beautiful, long distance swim right in your backyard. Being a part of this swim, that does so much to benefit the people of Vermont, would be both a privilege and an honor," Bosch said in an interview with In Search of Memphre III, after The Northeast Kingdom Open water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA) announced the four accomplished marathon open water swimmer that will participate. "Swimming is always an adventure; but the best part of it is that no matter the conditions or outcome, good has been done. That's what makes every swim so incredibly worthwhile," she added.


Photo by Phil White