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Lightning performance commemorates Irene Anniversary

Two years ago on August 28, Tropical Storm Irene came to Vermont and severely impacted Killington along with so many other communities. As if a commemoration of that weather event, Zeus (the Greek god of lightening) visited Killington last night and put on an amazing and unique 'fire works' display. It was unique in that I recorded over 200 lightening flashes on my camera in about 45 minutes from about 8:30 to 9:15 p.m.
Also unique, the sky was pretty clear, Killington Peak was clearly visible and there was no rain. It did rain hard, but that came later.
I have been trying unsuccessfully to capture an image of lightning over Killington Peak for three years. Conditions were never right.  Last night the lightening was so frequent at times my camera could not keep up recording the images.
Attached is just one image of the storm. More are posted at  To see them click on GALLERY, then WHAT"S NEW, the RECENT IMAGES. 
I felt honored to be in the right place at the right time to witness and capture images of just one more example of beauty and "power in nature."
It was neat too that a number of folks in vehicles came to the Upper Snowshed Lot to watch the lightening. 
Hope many of you got to see some of the show first hand!