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Scenic Route 100 Byway expanded to include 14 more towns

The Transportation Board has approved the designation expansion of the existing 31-mile Scenic Route 100 Byway to include 14 additional communities north to south. The byways now encompass the 20 towns of Granville, Hancock, Rochester, Stockbridge, Pittsfield, Killington, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Ludlow, Andover, Cavendish, Weston, Londonderry, Jamaica, Wardsboro, Stratton, Dover, Wilmington, Whitingham and Stamford.

As a region the towns share many common features, particularly the juxtaposition between the Green Mountain range in the west and the river valleys in the east, which provide a stunning scenic backdrop and a foundation for a wide range of recreational activities. Each town has its own tradition, which is centered around its historic villages. The communities of Addison, Windsor, Rutland, Windham and Bennington County share a desire to promote economic development in a manner that balances economic development and tourism with stewardship of important local resources.

The Route 100 corridor will not only fill a Byway void in the state interior along the spine of the Green Mountains, but will also promote linkage to the Mad River Valley, Stone Valley, Molly Stark and the Crossroad of Vermont Byways, thereby encouraging visitation. The theme of this byway is its scenic and recreational resources which draw from the eastern side of the Green Mountains and the river valleys that run alongside.

Two years after the Scenic Route 100 Byway was established, the effort to expand the Byway north and south along Route 100 to include an additional 14 towns has been completed. April 19, 2013, the Vermont Transportation Board formally approved the Scenic Route 100 Byway expansion. This is now Vermont's second largest Byway at 138 miles, behind the Connecticut River Byway, crisscrossing along the spine of the Green Mountain from the Mad River Byway to the Massachusetts's border.

"This has been a wonderful grassroots effort resulting from the joint partnerships of town representatives, various Chambers of Commerce, Regional Planning Commissions, and supportive businesses along Route 100," said Marji Graf, CEO, Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce in a release.

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