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KMS students land backflips on the Acro Bag

KILLINGTON- Last Saturday, March 23, KMS students looped a large jump in front of the Umbrella Bars at K1 landing backflips and other fancy tricks, amusing a large crowd of on-lookers. "How can I get in on that?" asked a group of five 20-something-year-old guys up on a vacation from Philadelphia. The question was echoed by many who stopped to watch the kids effortlessly launch the kicker and land on the seemingly soft Acro Bag.

3--Bag -1--by -Jason -Mikula

The Acro Bag is a inflatable air bag set up at the base of a jump allowing skiers and snowboarders to try out new tricks and progress their skills. KMS rented one from a company in Stowe to practice. KMS hopes to make a Four-Season Freestyle Training Facility at K1, explained KMS Action Sports Athletic Director Matt Gnoza. The facility would include a bag jump venue that KMS action-sports athletes could use year-round for jump and trick development progressions.

The development is part of KMS's new "Trails" initiative, designed to enhance and improve the training and competition venues available at Killington. They hope to complete phase one of the project, which includes building the bag jump venue by next winter.

Photos by Polly Lynn and Jason Mikula