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Rockin’ the Region at Cider Awards

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg
Clint Pecor Winner of Favorite Guitarist

RUTLAND-Good times were shared at the 2nd Annual Cider Mag Awards Show this past Friday Night at the Paramount Theatre. For the past three months fans have been nominating, voting and slicing down the competition to four finalists in each category, who are the best of the best in the VT and NH entertainment scene. Editor in Chief of Cider Mag, Brian Joy sums the night saying, "What we are trying to do is create a night that all of VT and NH can be proud of. We want every musician, entertainer and business to know and believe that they are truly appreciated. It's not about winning an award, that's just icing on the cake. This night is about being present. About showing your appreciation for everyone who works hard to keep this scene moving forward. Nobody will go home disappointed."

I had a chance in the pre-show festivities to meet some of the nominees, they were honored to be a part of this. Clint Pecor plays in the heavy metal band, Dethavesk. He is the youngest award nominee at 17-years-old, and is completing in the toughest category, Favorite Guitarist. In addition, Cider Mag teamed him up to play with Favorite Hip-Hop Artist Nominee RealEyez to play at the award show. While Pecor was shredding the metal, RealEyez was laying down some rhymes to his DJ's beats. It was a killer combination and one of my favorite performances.

"It's really sick. It's cool to just be here and hang with all these cool people," says Pecor of the award show experience. "Not only am I nominated but I get to play too and that pushes it over the edge for me."

Asked how he felt about having the biggest guitar names in the state sing his praises, Pecor says, "It's really cool. I appreciate all the help people have given me, doing shows and stuff. It's really nice."

Pecor certainly earned their praises. He ended up winning Favorite Guitarist beating out heavyweights like Duane Carleton and Mihali from Twiddle. He also won Ultimate Fan of the Year. Dethavesk is in the studio now recording their 2nd album which should be out the middle of 2013.

I also caught up with performer Chad Hollister who has been really busy touring the countryside. His band was nominated for best rock band and he was for best guitarist. Although he was honored, he really wanted to take himself out immediately because he feels that nominees like Duane Carleton, Bow Thayer and Rick Redington are "guys that can really play guitar." Hollister looked forward to the night ahead for other reason. "To have Jeff Poremski play with me tonight is such a blessing and Jared Johnson and Caleb Bronz is an awesome line-up," he said. "I'm psyched to be here, it's fun. It's a cool vibe. Everyone's real nice and friendly." Hollister's band did win the Favorite Rock Band category.

The Pizza Stone, nominated in three categories and winners of Favorite Party Spot, were dressed as if they were in a scene from Alice in Wonderland. The Killington crew also arrived in style: representing Green Mountain Body Art, Slopeside Bar & Grille and Fire on the Mountain they pulled up in a stretch Escalade limo.

Killington bands and businesses cleaned up the award show taking home awards in 4 of 5 categories. Green Mountain Body Art, Slopeside Bar & Grille and Fire on the Mountain all won and joining them was Liquid Art.

The Logger Rusty Dewees hosted the award show. Dewees says, "Hosting is good because you don't have to carry the show, it's about everyone else." He adds, "Overall if you have a combination of liking what you do genuinely but also liking people genuinely you can succeed. I'm fortunate because I actually genuinely do like people and I like what I do but I also like the business side of it. Anybody in show business that's able to do it for a living is darn fortunate if you can do it in a small state like VT." His hosting and quick wit really added some fun to the show. This was the 1st time I've seen his standup routine and he is hilarious.

Nicole Nelson from The Voice, played with guitarist Dwight Ritcher to kick off the show with a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'. It was that song that got her four turned chairs on The Voice; she later chose Adam Levine as her coach. Besides being on The Voice, Nelson won 2012 Boston Music Award Female Vocalist of the Year.

3--#1--Bow -Thayer ,-Chad -Hollister ,-Jeff -Poremski -and -his -daughter -Maddie --by -Dave -Hoffenberg

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg
(from left to right) Bow Thayer, Chad Hollister, Jeff Poremski and his daughter Maddie

Bow Thayer won a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by last year's winner George Nostrand. His acceptance speech was one to remember. Thayer was shocked that he won and said to come back in 10 years and see if he really deserved it. He and his band, the Perfect Trainwreck also performed a jamming set.

Rick Redington, with his son Ben on Bass, also put on a great performance. Redington also won a Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented by good friend Phill Andrews, owner of Fire on the Mountain glass shop.

3--#2--Phill -Andrews ,-Wild -Bill ,-John -Durney ---by -Dave -Hoffenberg

Photo by Dave Hoffenberg
(Left to right) Phill Andrews, Wild Bill, John Durney

But the most memorable performance of the night has to go to Wild Bill, co-owner of Green Mountain Body Art. After winning the award for Favorite Tattoo Shop, Bill shocked the crowd, his friends and his longtime girlfriend, Megan Poljacik when he got down on one knee and proposed to her. Over the applause and standing ovation, she said "YES!"

2nd Annual Cider Mag Award Winners
The Pizza Stone - Favorite Party Spot
Green Mountain Body Art - Favorite Tattoo Studio
Ziontific - Favorite Festival
Elm City Brewing - Favorite Wings
The Paramount Theatre - Favorite Live Theatre
Team Awesome - Favorite Promoter
Joe Bell - Favorite EDM DJ
Long Trail - Favorite Beer
Liquid Art Coffee House - Favorite Art Venue
The Lynguistic Civilians - Favorite Hip Hop Artist
Jatoba - Favorite Bluegrass Band
The Chad Hollister Band - Favorite Rock Band
Jonathan Kelley of Atlatl - Favorite Electric Bass Player
Roots of Creation - Favorite Jam Band
Rockingham Hill Farm - Favorite Live Venue
Dylan Blake of Atlatl - Favorite Drummer
Josh Parker of Stonewall - Favorite Vocalist
Elise Valentine - KIXX - Favorite Radio DJ
The Human Canvas - Favorite Artist
MacLomainn's - Favorite Local Pub
One Over Zero - Favorite New Band
Slopeside Bar & Grille - Favorite Grub
Atlatl - Favorite Metal Band
SRH Soundworks - Favorite Music Shop
The Blind Owl Band - Favorite Outside the Lines Band
The Natalie Turgeon Band - Favorite Country Band
Murphy's Blues - Favorite Blues Band
Fire on the Mountain - Favorite Glass Shop
Duane Carleton - Favorite Acoustic Act
Code 3 - Favorite Cover Band
Deb Bond of Mark and Deb - Favorite Keyboard Player
Main Crust Co. - Favorite Open Mic
Jason Scaggs of Jatobs - Favorite Banjo Player
Clint Pecor of Dethavesk - Favorite Guitarist
Jeff Richardson of Jatoba - Favorite Upright Bass Player

Cider Achievement Award Recipient's:
Bow Thayer
Rick Redington

Ultimate Fan - Clint Pecor
Business of the Year - Main Crust Co.