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Town receives $80,000 grant to begin gateway renovations

Funding to support new park-and-ride facility

The Town of Killington has received notification of full funding in the amount of $80,000 for its 2013 Municipal Park-and-Ride Grant application. This is the second grant the Town has received to fund renovations for the Killington Gateway.

A $30,000 state grant, received in 2011 funded the study which examined how the town could improve pedestrian accessibility as well as the sense of arrival between Killington Road and the bottom of Sherburne Pass. The proposed renovations include sidewalks, landscaping, traffic calming measures, wayfinding, as well as the new park-and-ride facility.

Complete with a parking lot, picnic tables, walking path, and gardens, the park-and-ride facility "will help anchor the eastern end of the proposed gateway plan" says Dick Horner, town planner, who authored the grant application. The grant will fund the actual lot, and although no matching funds are required to receive the grant, Municipal funds would be needed to create the garden and purchase the other planned amenities described in the plan.

The project, which would be on State property, is expected to begin construction in the late spring/early summer of 2013.

For years, residents and tourists have identified the importance of improving the sense of arrival to Killington. This project is named as a priority in the town's plan. Funding and permissions from the State have long been obstacles in addressing the issue. Understanding that dynamic, the Economic Development and Tourism office successfully secured a grant in 2010 to fund a collaborative study of the area with the Vermont Agency of Transportation. A series of meetings were held to illicit citizen input into the plan that was presented to the Selectboard in June.

The entire gateway renovation is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 million, the majority of which could be funded through a variety of state and federal grants. In addition to the park-and-ride grant, the town plans to apply for funding through the Transportation Alternatives program in January and the Bike and Pedestrian Program in March.

"We will aggressively pursue state and federal dollars to address a major priority of the community" said Town Manager, Seth Webb. "The Park and Ride grant is an important next step in that process."

A copy of the entire plan is available at