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Billings Farm shows the 1950s film, “Disco and the Atomic War”

Photo courtesy of Billings Farm & Museum
Disco and the Atomic War, is one of the fourteen award-winning films screened in HD digital projection and Dolby surround-sound, to show at Billings Farm & Museum's theater on Saturday, Dec. 29.

Billings Farm & Museum, gateway to Vermont's rural heritage, is hosting the film, Disco and the Atomic War, on Saturday, Dec. 29 at 3 p.m. as part of the 3rd Annual Woodstock Vermont Film Series.   

About the award-winning film Disco and the Atomic War: From the 1950s onward, Soviet-occupied Estonia was the battleground for a peculiar information war, where the totalitarian Soviet regime went head-to-head with Western pop culture - and lost. Although banned, Finnish television provided a window to a world of dreams that couldn't be blocked. Authorities discovered that no one really cared about Lenin or Marx; Estonians wanted to know who shot J.R., and the latest disco moves.
Subtitled. NR. Warsaw International Film Festival, Best Documentary.  

Fourteen films and documentaries from around the world have been selected for the big screen in the museum's theater, with high definition digital projection and Dolby™ surround-sound. All films are open to the public and accessible to people with disabilities.  
Ticket prices for members: Adults 16 & up, $9 per film. Children 3-15, $5 per film. Non-members: Adults 16 & up, $11 per film. Children 3-15, $6 per film. For a complete list of screenings and ticket information, visit or 802-457-2355.