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Reflecting on years of gratitude this Thanksgiving

Reflecting on years of gratitude this Thanksgiving
There is one good thing about getting older. Not only do you get wiser, but you have many more things for which to be thankful. With almost 60 years of reflection under my belt (ok, I don't wear belts any more), I have a long list of thanks to ponder at the turkey trough on Thursday.
My family - It is hard to believe my little girls are now grown women. For more than 30 years, the two of them have brought more joy, love and proud moments to my life than I could ever imagine. I am thankful they are both in good places in their lives - successful careers, loving relationships and bright futures ahead of them. I am additionally thankful for my beautiful grandchildren who light up my life with their smiles, laughter and top-of-the-line hugs.
My friends - Like the lyrics say, "For good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more.
That's what friends are for."  As I recently posted, "When it comes to friends and family, I got the long end of the stick." I have friends who pick me up when I'm down, who laugh with me, who cry with me, who would share their last dollar with me. I can be myself with my friends; I never have to act my age around them. I would go to the ends of the earth for my friends and I hope they know how much I appreciate them.
My health - I have wrinkles where I need fatty cells and fatty cells where I need definition, but this is what happens when your body ages. People our age are all in the same Boomer Body Boat - we simply cannot comprehend how our bodies are aging while our brains are still floating in the fountain of youth.
But overall when it comes to health, I can't complain. I rely on a little blue pill to get me through each day. No, not that pill. It's one that keeps my thyroid in check. Other than that, I might tip the Advil Gel bottle if I have a serious headache, but they are few and far between. Actually, I have discovered the secret to staying free from diseases, ailments and any other poor diagnoses - don't get tested! I'm joking. But if you let a doc dig deep enough, they're sure to find something. Don't be an excavation site and you will be fine.
My job - It is fulfilling, motivating, fun, has variety and has given me financial stability. It comes with a retirement plan, health insurance, life insurance, short and long-term disability, holidays, paid vacation and room for advancement. I work with smart, funny, hard-working people and my boss makes me laugh - often.  I work hard and I am rewarded. Isn't this the American Way that our parents told us about?
I'm also thankful for a few insignificant items.
Spanx - though I have never worn true Spanx undergarments, I did recently discover Spanx tights. When I put them on I feel like I just had a successful workout.
Black Coffee - I am thankful that I have no interest in a double-expresso, sugar-free, latte mocha grande or any other of the millions of combinations that Starbucks offers. One black coffee at the Keurig each morning and my day starts off on the right foot.
Google - it remains my go-to answer machine. I can find the correct spelling of a word, how to get some place, what I want for lunch, who was the 18th President and what day will Christmas fall on in 2017.
Glasses - would no longer be able to drive without them.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - ummm, needs no further explanation.
Last, but certainly not least, I am so thankful for my readers. Writing is a creative outlet for me and I love sharing my stories of life as a Baby Boomer. I always appreciate your feedback, especially my regulars (thank you, Daryle) who make me feel it is all worthwhile.
This Thanksgiving, take the time to think about all the positive people and things you have in your life. Enjoy the holiday with family and friends whom you cherish. Let people know how much you appreciate them and above all, appreciate yourself.
Happy Thanksgiving one and all.
Cindy Phillips is a columnist for The Mountain Times. She can be reached directly at