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A dream comes true with persistence and generosity

There are many kinds of dreams and many ways to make them come true.

Ever since the Killington Arts Guild had its own Gallery thanks to the generosity of Mike and Diane Miller, Alice Sciore has had this dream that a sign would be mounted on the building that read "Killington Arts Guild Art Gallery."

KAG did not have an outdoor sign to identify them, and she wanted to know how anyone would know KAG was there.

Sciore said she was acquainted with state and town regulations, which posed a problem, but still felt that without a sign KAG could never make progress and was determined to find an answer.

For a year or so she attended selectmen and development board meetings in Killington to understand the situation. She said, she reached out to all the town officers and at the state level to Megan Smith. All of them were genuinely encouraging and tried to help. Finally Dick Horner, Killington Town Planner talked with Mike Miller and one day Diane told Alice that she was removing her sign for the gift shop from the building and that KAG could use that space.

The KAG Board of Directors approved the project. Alice did the design for the sign taking care not to disturb the integrity of the Telemark sign next to it. Awesome Graphics was generous with its time and pricing, making the creation possible.
To save the cost of mounting Mike Young was asked to hang it. On a blazing hot day he climbed a ladder and put it up with Alice on the ground giving directions as to where to place each letter. The KAG sign is now on the building to welcome everyone.

Thank you Alice for six years of persistence!

The current show at the Gallery, "Arts Labor Found" continues until Nov. 17. The public is welcome to the Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts across from the Killington Access Road.

Coming up: On Saturday Sept. 21 the Killington Arts Guild will hold a yard sale on the lawn and in the Gallery from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The sale will benefit the KAG scholarship fund so someone else can become an artist and make their dream come true. Donate $10 to be a seller. Contact Nancy Pisano: or 973-270-3285.

Photo by Alice Sciore
Mike Young installs the KAG sign at Cabin Fever Gifts.