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Jo’s Jottings

Editor's note: Jo's Jottings are back by popular request and will run monthly on these pages. Although Josephine Blanchard is no longer with us, memories of her bring many readers joy and we hope all will once again enjoy her column selected from The Mountain Times archives.

I started this yesterday (Wednesday), and when I read what I had written, it didn't make much sense, so I'll start over again. The days go so fast here, I can't believe it. Seems like I turn around twice and it's time for bed again.

We played Bingo twice this week. I didn't win like I did last week, but I did win a few. Since I won five games in a row, they seem to think I'm specially blessed. But there wasn't too many of us playing and that does make a difference.

Shirlene brought over a big tin box full of snapshots and wanted me to identify them. I can mark them, but I can't remember everyone's name.

Now it's Thursday and I've just finished breakfast. I have the same thing every morning. Cereal, toast, fruit and orange juice, and of course, coffee.

This is the day our rooms get cleaned, so we have to get out. They do it quite fast, so it doesn't bother me a bit. The sky has been cloudy, and bright today, and a bit warmer than it's been for quite a while. I don't like hot weather, especially when it's muggy like today has been.

Sunday, and I'm back in my room after breakfast. I recall an incident that happened about this time, years ago. My father and two of my brothers went for blackberries. They had to walk through our land to a home that had long been given up. The berries usually grew in abundance, but apparently, this year, there wasn't enough to bother with. My two brothers squeezed the juice out of what few they had and rubbed the liquid all over their faces. When they reached the house, the rest of us were outside. My mother took one look at the boys and almost fainted. It took some fast talking from my father to get her calmed down.

There was the time when we had the strawberry patch. As I love them, Mother thought I could do the job. I did it too good, for soon I broke out in a rash so bad, Mother called the doctor. When he arrived, he took one look at me and a big grin appeared on his face. "She has a good case of the hives." I didn't get to pick berries anymore or eat them unless I snuck them.

I'd like to do some washing, but I'm not sure I know how things work, so I'd better leave things alone. The sun is bright today, so we have a lot of heat to contend with. Sometimes I think I'd rather be at the North Pole.

The Red Sox played ball again last night, but I like to watch the music of Lawrence Welk. His music is beautiful - that program has been on the air for a long time. They did have some of the folks on one time recently. The guy that had the beautiful tenor voice still has it, but his body is old - I couldn't believe it. Time goes so fast!