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BCO disc golf: It’s good to be king

What a beautiful weekend for Disc Golf, at least until the rain came in Sunday afternoon. I knew it was going to be a good day for Sunday League because everyone was "on time" and once again seven of the top 10 players were here to play. We had some new members anxious to play in league day and hoping to win a lower tag for their bag but as they would find out this is not an easy task.

The battle was on for the prestigious #1 tag. Earlier in the week one of the members posted on his FB page that he was going to "take it down and bring the one tag back to New Hampshire." That created a bit of a stir with the other members and even a few laughs but low and behold Spencer threw his best round of the year and easily scooped up the coveted #1 tag for the first time. Unfortunately for many of the members they will not have the opportunity to win it back next week because Spencer will be in Randolph playing in the next Green Mountain Disc Golf Tournament. He is now the eighth different player to be on top of the leader board.

DFL did not come out and play this week so nothing happening there. The outstanding story of the day was how important it is to hold a low tag number. To win a lower tag from a player, you must beat them outright. When there is a tie the person with the lower tag leaves with the lower tag. It is like having an extra stroke advantage.

In the top ten this Sunday there was a four-way tie for second place and a two-way tie for third and two other ties outside top ten. The importance of being just one place better than the next guy, shows just how competitive this group is! Things will get even hotter when Tundji and Wes return.

Sunday league days have been great and the attendance impressive. For anyone interested in playing disc or seeing how it is played, this is a great opportunity to get involved. You do not have to be a member or hold a tag to play. Chances are you will be teamed up with an experienced player and most likely you will love the camaraderie above all.

We continue to prepare for the Base Camp Open coming July 6. The course is looking beautiful and the members are honing their skills.

This weeks disc golf lingo: "chain smoking." Definition: when a player hits a couple big putts in a row. (The targets are made of chains.)

Come and join Base Camp Outfitters Disc Golf and see why disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world.

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