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Protecting our town requires addressing bigger problems, too

Dear Editor,
I read the Constable's letter with regards on how to protect our homes from burglars, and break-ins (The Mountain Times, May 2-8). Most of his precautions we all know, whether we practice these suggestions is something else.

But what about the real problem?

Most of these seasonal houses have already been cased, if not this year, but in years past. These thieves are no fools. It's as if they went to college to learn their trade. The numerous dope dealers who come from the cities to our small towns are the real problem.

They feed our young and old with Heroin, Cocaine, pills and Methamphetamine. Two weeks ago a dealer was caught with 1200 bags of Heroin in Rutland!

That's where our problem lies.

They know what they are doing, and they know which houses are vacant. Our Constable does a great job, but one man and an assistant can't keep the wolf away from our doors. We all have to keep our eyes open, "if you see something, say something." 

Richard Kropp