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Neighbors concerned about the rash of robberies

Dear Editor,

There has been a series of robberies on River Road. My neighbor shared with me some of the details after her break in this winter.

Along with numerous belongings that were taken, a woman's foot prints were found in the snow near her house. I find this very alarming, since on Christmas day, my son also shared his concern of women's foot prints in the snow, right up to the windows. Now I hear of another neighbor, where at his home, the intruder smashed things, which doesn't add value to anyone.

My house has not yet been broken into, but I am concerned that the Killington Community is stagnating with unresolved communication issues.

The insight I have into this situation is from personal experience. I was spooked as a child, when our home in Connecticut was robbed and the thief had taken a pillow case off of my bed, to use to carry things out. I couldn't sleep in my bed for weeks.

In high school, I wrote a paper on Charles Manson, to try to figure out why people steal or hurt people. I found out that small crimes turn into bigger crimes, because poor behavior isn't corrected or sought by family, friends or community during the more "harmless" stages such as substance abuse, shop lifting or robbery.

The South End News, in Boston, has a police log that serves my community. Could the Mountain Times start such a log of community information? No reason for the same thing to happen again and again.

Best intentions,
Anne Kirby, Killington, Vt.