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°F Thu, April 24, 2014

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In response to the passage of Transportation Bill H.510

Dear Editor,

Transportation infrastructure is the foundation of the continued vitality of Vermont's economy, and the state as a whole. It is evident that Vermont's transportation infrastructure should not be neglected, nor should the state insufficiently fund its other obligations to address it.

Today, [April 24] the House passed H.510, a bill that lacks responsible options for funding our transportation infrastructure. More than 13,000 Vermonter's have voiced their opposition to the increase in the gas tax, yet this bill not only includes an increase in the gas tax, but also increases the diesel tax as well.

Once again, Working Vermonter's will be the one's shouldering the burden of this choice. Vermont's small businesses along the New Hampshire and Massachusetts's borders are already at a significant disadvantage and these tax increases will only expand upon these disadvantages.

There is no doubt that Vermont's transportation infrastructure is a top priority to all of us. However, we feel that the use of transportation dollars for other purposes and increasing gas and diesel taxes at this time is not the right way to address our funding problem. We need to put mechanisms in place to fund it. Yet it is clear that increases in the gas and diesel tax are not favorable options in accomplishing that goal. We are disappointed that the majority decided to raise taxes instead of implement a fair and equitable system to fund it into the future.

Thank you,
Don Turner, Representative to the House of the Vermont State Legislature for the Town of Milton