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Jo’s Jottings

Editor's note: Jo's Jottings are back by popular request and will run monthly on these pages. Although Josephine Blanchard is no longer with us, memories of her bring many joy and we hope our readers will once again enjoy her column selected from The Mountain Times archives.

Good Heavens, time goes so fast, I can't keep up with it. Folks have been asking for poems as have a number of readers of The Mountain Times. Which reminds me that I must tell you - the little note you folks put in the paper has got me more than 50 cards for my birthday. It appears that some folks like me.

I almost killed myself the other day by eating sugary things. There were several days that I don't remember a thing. But now that my head has cleared up, I know what not to eat. No fool like an old fool, is there?

The last two days have been so nice, I've walked to the road twice. When Shirlene and John came with Edith and Dave, we all walked down together. It was nice to be with them. Alison came visiting yesterday, and we had a nice visit. She has a nice new car.

The time has come, so I've been told,
To write a poem or two.
So with my very best efforts,
That's what I'll try to do.

Spring has sprung different this year.
It seems to play hide-and-seek.
Folks have not been too happy,
When not much sun they meet.

Now our world has changed a lot
And the sun is warm and bright.
People seem happy as can be,
At such a glorious sight.

So, I thank the Lord with all my heart,
That for in Heaven, He heard our prayers.
We will enjoy it very much,
And thank Him for His care.