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No new taxes

Dear Editor,

Somewhere along the way our legislature missed Governor Shumlin's promise to us of no new taxes. According to articles in the Rutland Herald, House Speaker Shap Smith, and our elected representatives are looking for $20 million in new taxes to fund new programs. Recent TV adds claim that the number is closer to $70 million. Our legislators are looking at taxing beverages, bottled water, vitamin supplements, clothing, rooms and meals, as well as other more insidious taxes which are likely to drive more businesses and Vermonters out of state. On Friday they identified $27 million in new taxes this year, $20 million more in 2015 and raising gasoline taxes to 33.6 cents/gallon by 2015. In addition to all this, if you can believe the single payer health care study commissioned by the administration, there is a $1.6 Billion (with a "B") unfunded liability looming for us in the not too distant future. In our personal lives we all have finite finances and budgets that we need to adhere to, sometimes by making hard choices. Is that such a difficult concept for our elected representatives?

Marty Post, Killington

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