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Cocktail corner: The Lumber “Jack”

It did not win, place or show, but regardless, I think you'll find my entry into the Tennessee week drink competition darn tasty. After I made the drink I poured some water into a metal shaker tin and poured out a 2" ice cube. I thought it looked cool, got a few gasps.

"Jack wields his mighty Ax and fells trees three, Maple, Apple and Cherry" (I thought it was a catchy title.)
2 oz. Jack Daniels Old # 7
1 oz. Sapling Vt. Maple liqueur
.25 oz. Vt. Apple Cider
6 drops Cherry Bark Bitters
Add ingredients into a frozen mixing glass, fill with ice, stir.

How long? About 30 seconds or about the amount of time it takes you to recite a short poem about the cocktail hour from Bernard DeVoto's classic book, The Hour.

I recited it but it was a little hard to hear over the obnoxious bellowing of a Team Canada judge - strange I've always found Canadians to be very polite. I told him as much and he informed me that he wasn't, in fact, from Canada. Big surprise - So I trudged on:

    "This is the Violet hour.
    The hour of hush and wonder,
    when the affections glow and valor is reborn.
    When the shadows deepen along the edge of the forest,
    and we believe that, if we watch carefully,
    at any moment, we may see, the Unicorn."
Strain over a 2" ice cube and enjoy!

Be safe, remember the road probably doesn't need 'another round.' Tipple don't topple.