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Paedra’s World

Anna Caleb and I joined other members of the Killington Arts Guild last July to visit Paedra Bramhall's galleries in Bridgewater, Vt. and see work in progress in the mountains. Anna and I rode in her car, bumping along the road by the brook, over many rebuilt bridges, through valleys still torn up by the Mighty Storm Irene and past houses still damaged. At the gallery, that hot afternoon, we eat our sandwiches sitting by the cool brook. Drank water and lemonade and wandered through Paedra's buildings and fields, talking with her.
Here was blown glass, the art which Paedra has been creating for over 35 years; there computer generated graphics, something of more recent origin; also metal works reflected in a pool. We went into the little cottage Paedra uses or rents to others, which dates back to a childhood in these woods. We saw the frame of this building which was built in 1792. We saw land, water and trees which have provided her with support for doing creative work. Paedra is transgender, out and proud, has been a full time self-supporting artist since 1970 after graduating from Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in Sculpture and (minor) Ceramics.


All that we saw that day and more will be available to you in the new Killington Arts Guild show, debuting Feb. 10, called "A Searching Mind: The Many Transitions of Paedra." It will highlight "First Retrospective Exhibition of Transfigured Collages, Ink Paintings, Sculpture in Bronze and in Hand-Blown Glass and Blown Glass Interiors by Paedra Bramhall," the Guild states. This Show will be featured from Feb.10 through May 12. Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Killington Arts Guild upstairs Gallery above Cabin Fever Gifts on Route 4 across from the Killington Access Road.

You will have a chance, to meet the artist, a tall, strong, soft spoken person at a reception in the KAG Gallery Feb. 15. In this exhibit, Paedra has chosen many layers of life to inhabit through art. Because of the size of pieces in this show, the art will be displayed in the main gallery and the works of other KAG artists will be in the stairway, entrance room and adjacent space. This magnificent show is open to the public without charge.  We urge you to visit it more than once. For more information call Sally Curtis 802-422-3852.

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