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The best holiday party of all

Many of us may be invited to holiday parties with people we don't know, a big something that is drinking and singing with strangers but the beauty of Vermont is that there are still places where people come together who have known each other for years and they do the same things in the same ways every year. In this area the Killington Active Seniors potluck holiday luncheon is this place. This year George Lyons and Louise Hanson stepped in and made it really perfect.

At the Sherburne Memorial Library in the children's reading room on the left were desserts, coffee and tea, milk and cider, platters of freshly roasted turkey, sliced by George; and cranberry sauce, hot vegetables, pasta and lettuce salads on the right-plenty for everyone. In the Community room tables were set up covered in red with fancy paper plates and raffle numbers for nicely wrapped prizes. Everyone got a prize. You could just squeeze into a seat and listen to the Potluck Trio.

Dorothy and I came from Rutland. Someone passed old photos of earlier Holiday Parties: One from 2004 with a lot of people sitting at a table including George. Another from 2011 with Ann Wallen smiling on the left, Louis Hansen on the right, and Mike and Barbara Young and Helga Cognato beaming in the middle. Ann Wallen was still with us in spirit. She was born on Christmas Day and this was always her birthday party. We had the same red tablecloths, the same green tree decorations and napkins.

Lauren Wilder sent pictures of Pot Luck 2012 to me. One of these showed Bernie Martin and Jack Harrington, originators of Pot Luck, playing music. Looking at all of them I realize that all these pictures could have been taken any year.

There were so many Killington Arts Guild members I couldn't count them. Just as Dorothy and I were leaving the audience was beginning to entertain-what lovely music! Lynn Maynard's little red felt candy holders went home with each one of us.

Thanks to Louise and George, it was a celebration not to be forgotten.

Happy Birthday, Annie!

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