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News briefs from Killington Elementary

KES students earn circus celebration
Killington Elementary Students participated in a Circus Celebration after earning 15,000 stars for displaying responsible, respectful, and safe behaviors! On Wednesday, June 6, Christine Landon brought her "Circus for All" program to the children at KES. For one solid hour, students moved from one "circus" station to the next to hone circus-like skills and marvel at each other's untapped talents. Congratulations to the KES Superstars!

KES scholar leaders named
Each year Killington Elementary School honors students who distinguish themselves by exhibiting both academic and leadership qualities. Traits considered include: teamwork, positive interactions with others, respect, dependability, service to others, and respect for diversity. This year the honor goes to two students who display these qualities: Congratulations to Kyle Weirether and Rory Haff!

Students attend Dorothy Canfield Fisher Conference
Six KES students joined KES Librarian Eileen Vaughn, for the 2012 Dorothy Canfield Fis (DCF) author presentation in Montpelier last week. Angelina Amadeo, Hannah Coates, Lilly Holding, Alyana Hunt, Sam Groom, and Maddie Rieger heard Raina Telgemeier speak about her experiences as a graphic artist and author. Telgemeier was awarded the DCF honor for her book Smile.
We thank Mrs. Vaughn for encouraging students to read DCF books and for organizing this special trip. Many thanks to our volunteer parent drivers, Michelle Coates-Girard and Saskia Hagen Groom.

Annual 2nd grade puppet show
KES second graders performed a terrific puppet show, Betsy Ross, Seamstress with a Mission, written by Eve Spencer and directed by teacher Lisa Laird. Students created all the puppet characters including Betsy Ross and George Washington in colonial garb and made all the props and scenery.

Annual 3rd-4th grade play
Students, parents, and guests were awed by this year's third and fourth grade play, The Granny Awards. A wonderful cast of fairy tale characters acted, sang, and danced a story full of familiar legends such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Dwarves, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and many more.
Many thanks to teachers, Kate Carey and Maria Garland, who in addition to directing students, recently led the classes' creation of scenery during the annual third and fourth grade barbecue and sleepover. We want to thank all the parents who assisted their young actors with inspired costumes and a very big thank you to Mrs. Crompton for her fantastic choreography!

Science fair
Fifth graders and their teacher, Ms. Allison Naugle, recently hosted a Science Fair for all members of the student body, parents and guests. Student projects not only enhanced scientific learning, the presentation process provided public speaking exposure, instrumental in increasing self-confidence. A huge thank you to all who attended.

Farm-to-school program
KES students and their teachers planted carrots, corn, squash, beans, tomatoes, and more into the newly raised beds next to the Sugar Shack on Friday, June 8. We thank the KES Parent Group, under the direction of Eunice Rice, for undertaking this worthwhile program, all made possible by the volunteer efforts of time and materials from local groups, businesses, and parents. The children at KES look forward to enjoying a harvest meal in the fall with the vegetables reaped from their own garden!
Volunteers are needed to cover "water and weed" shifts throughout the summer. Families can schedule some time on the garden calendar by contacting Eunice Rice at

Fun field day & picnic
All KES students enjoyed a very rainy, yet fun-filled morning of field games, organized by Greg LaBella, at Killington's Johnson Recreation Fields. Afterwards, students, parents, teachers, and guests enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch. Thank you to Gail Flynn for organizing picnic foods, thank you to firefighter Ryan Soos for manning the grill, and thank you to our incredible parents for supplying delicious salads and desserts!

What a fantastic year!
As time marches on and we see children move from one grade to the next, from preschool through sixth grade and then on to middle school, we are reminded of how quickly the years go by and how important it is to make a difference in the lives of our students every single day. This is a tremendous job and one that is not taken lightly by any of us at Killington Elementary School. All of us at KES are forever grateful for all that you do to help our students thrive academically, emotionally, socially, and physically! Thank you for being so committed to our children!
Best wishes for a happy, safe, and healthy summer!
~Loren M. Pepe, Principal

Letter to KES students, staff and parents,
Thank you all for your support of the toy and book drive for the children of Anse-la-Raye, St. Lucia. Your response was overwhelming. You filled the box not once, but twice, with donations!! The toys and books will be gratefully and happily received. They will be utilized by the caregivers in the homes of high risk families to promote developmental tasks and ultimately help improve IQs. I know that many of the mothers in particular will be thrilled with the variety of reading materials and will enjoy them as much as the children since books are a rarity in most households. The toys will be a welcome addition to the Roaming Caregiver Program and will assist the caregivers in providing the type of stimulation necessary for appropriate mental development in children ages birth to three.
The boxed toys and books will hopefully be shipped this month. Perhaps by next fall I will have some feedback for you on how they were received and incorporated into the Roaming Caregiver Program. Watch for a follow up next school year.
Again, thank you for your many donations and for supporting a program that will improve the lives of children in St. Lucia and, by example, may positively impact children world-wide.
~Betsy Tonkin, Plymouth resident and Global Volunteer

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