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Artists connect with the worldwide web

In today's world if you or your business are not on the web then you don't exist.

But learning about the web or a computer procedure is hard work. I am trying to use Evernote to write on my computers. With it I could write on any of my computers and work on the same piece with someone even if they are using a different system. But I need a tutor, a real person, to help me  learn.

In the 1970s the American Association of University Women decided  women should learn to use computers. They promoted mini courses designed for women, and they became wildly popular.

In similar fashion, the Killington Arts Guild is now offering a workshop for artists to learn to create a website. No prior web experience is needed or knowledge of html code. (Many of us, artists and others, don't even know what an html code is.) Website users can publish biographies and resumes; create custom looking designs, incorporate artwork videos, slideshows, attachments and text, share photos and videos with others, as well as create an online store to sell artwork.

Susan Wacker-Donle is the webmaster of our vibrant website The website has made us part of a global arts village and established a virtual home for our creative community keeping us informed and connected. It includes a calendar of events for the year, forms for registering, exhibits in the Gallery, applications for workshops and membership information. Here you will find the Mountain Times weekly column, a slideshow on  the Gallery opening "The Art of Life" and a Guild Photo Album spotlighting people, events and talents of our diverse membership. This is an excellent example of what a website can be.

We invite you to visit our website and to take the workshop, "Creating a Free Website with Google Sites" conducted by Susan Wacker-Donle KAG Webmaster Saturday May 19 10-2 in the Killington Arts Guild Gallery at Cabin Fever Gifts on Route 4 opposite the Killington Access Road. Fee for members: $40; Non-members $50. To contact this column:

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