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Relief Efforts 24/7 at Killington

Denise Coriell and Rutland CIty Fire Chief Bob Schlachter in the Incident Command Center at the Killington Road Firehouse.


Seth _Webb ,_Kathleen _Ramsay

Seth Webb and Kathleen Ramsay hard at work in the Incident Command Center at the Killington Road Firehouse. Many volunteers manned the center along with representatives from the Vermont State Police, local constables, fire officers and emergency workers from Pittsfield, Bridgewater, and Mendon. 1st Deputy Chief Jim Fiore has been acting Fire Chief as our Fire Chief Patrick McDonnell has been working along with the Killington Town Road Crew while also keeping a watchful eye on fire department activities at the same time. Media filming national reports on Killington have been CBS, ABC and CNN as well as Vermont TV stations Channels 3 and 5.

The Killington community and the resort have pulled together and the recovery from the floods that Hurricane Irene brought is coming along slowly but surely. Kudos go out to all of the volunteers in our community, both residents and visitors alike. Thanks also to the National Guard who flew in needed supplies to keep us going and to the staff at the Killington Elementary School for providing community meals and shelter. It was much appreciated. We will recover, the machinery has been working diligently, and a huge amount of progress has been made in opening the roads. The Town of Killington road crew managed by Ken Merrill has done an outstanding job of fixing our town's roads and bridges. The expectation and hope is that we will have drivable roads to Woodstock and Rutland before long. The work continues at the incident command center at the Killington Road Firehouse. If you need assistance, call 422-FIRE and someone will help you with your needs.

The Killington Resort's facilities are very quickly on the mend, with most of the parking lots re-graded already and work on the damaged Superstar Bar is ongoing, but please know that the damage to the main building is very minimal. According to Killington Resort's President Chris Nyberg, the resort will open for skiing and riding on schedule with no delays, which is very good news indeed! We all hope and pray and truly expect that the roads will be in good shape for foliage season.
The Mountain Times website is completely up to date on the latest updates from the Town of Killington, the State of Vermont and FEMA, which remain fluid, so keep looking up our website if you need any information on Killington or need any help in any way or form!

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