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Mountain Musings (1)

A tremendous amount of progress has already been made to repair and open the roads to Killington. For up to date information on Vermont's roads please look up the website which is the State of Vermont's official road conditions site.
We fully expect that the upcoming Killington Brewfest will take place as scheduled. This traditional brewfest is a celebration of this area's finest locally brewed beers and features sampling of beers, a tasting dinners, live music and a whole weekend of great fun and festivities. On Friday, September 30 there is a Vermont Brewmaster's dinner at the Summit Lodge, and a terrific kickoff party. Don't miss it!

At the August 10 meeting of the Town of Killington Planning Commission among the correspondence was the Act 250 Permit to construct the new Killington Peak Lodge.

In the Planner's Report, Dick Horner advised that Mike Moriarty, Mountain Green Resort's General Manager, sent an email withdrawing their PUD permit application without prejudice.

Regarding the Killington Resort/Highridge/Ridgetop appeal, there was to be a conference call with the attorneys on August 15. Town Attorney, Kevin Brown, was to participate in that conference call. A mediation date was being set for September 2. Dick Horner will attend the mediation and in the event an issue arises he will contact the Town Attorney via phone. Art Malatzky expressed concern that according to the July 13 Planning Commission minutes that stated that the Town was merely going to monitor the appeal. He noted that all three questions raised in the appeal apply directly to the Town. Dick Horner advised Mr. Malatzky that the Town will be doing more than just monitoring. The conference call will give the Town Attorney a good idea of the direction that the mediation is going in and then Dick plans to attend the mediation. Dick also noted that the Town is only listed as a party in the appeal and not as an appellant.

Next on the agenda, the owner of the Highline Lodge has torn down the old dormitory. The owners have submitted an application to build a bath house and swimming pool to service the RV and camping sites on the property. They asked that Dick Horner approve this administratively. Commissioner Lee moved to authorize Dick Horner to approve this application administratively. Commissioner Linnemayr seconded the motion and a discussion followed. The Commission imposed two conditions: 1. keep existing vegetation and 2. the pool must be fenced in. The vote on the motion as conditioned was unanimously approved.

The Zoning Revisions Committee has reached a point where it has addressed all the substantial changes which it was assigned to do. The Committee was to meet one more time on August 31 to put together all the loose ends. The Town has hired someone who is competent in computers and legal documents to come in and make all the technical and formatting changes. Dick Horner is confident that there will be a good document to pass on to the Planning Commission by September 7 for discussion and then warn a Public Hearing prior to passing it on to the Board of Selectmen.

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