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Remember when, as a child, just the sight of a swing set, or a pony, or a hula-hoop, would get your heart racing and your imagination somersaulting? And without even thinking in words you felt that surely the world revolved around you, that you were the most blessed creature ever to live, and that having fun was all that really mattered? Well, it is a wonder how you knew so much, at such a tender age. Yo, for sure, a little harder this week, but Remember!

President Obama has approved federal disaster assistance for Vermont, which makes help available for Vermonters affected by flooding from Tropical Storm Irene, this would include Vermont businesses. Even if you have insurance, you should file your claim right away in case some of the damage is uninsured. You can access this assistance through FEMA at
1-800-621-3362, or

If you are experiencing problems with your insurance company, please contact BISHCA at 802-828-3301 or at

For volunteer resources, clean up information, and to connect with state agencies call 2-1-1.

The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) would like to hear from impacted businesses and properties (both for and non-profit businesses, including multi-family housing providers and services). This information will help Vermont receive federal assistance for recovery. Please call 802-828-3211.

The Hurricane Katrina Report: They sat on their ass and waited for uncle.

The Hurricane Irene, You Bitch report: We got off our ass and starting doing things. Nobody said you could do it, you just knew it had to be done and you did it and are still doing and you did before the rain and will do whatever needs to be done in the future. Vermonters are a Beacon for America!

People are weighing in on Irene, You Bitch; some teachers were concerned about students getting this message. The truth is, this is humor by Traci who lost her home in Pittsfield and while her home and possessions were drowning, she ambled up the muddy road and helped save her neighbors home. Then all week Traci worked tirelessly in the community to move Pittsfield's recovery efforts forward. Humor is a great way to deal with anger and suffering, Traci's smile lights up the whole valley.

There are Irene, You Bitch t-shirts out there and it is all about being proactive for a fundraiser for Traci's pile of rubble that was her home. Buy a shirt, your kid will wear it, well maybe not such a good idea at school unless you want to play Meet the Principal. A bitch is a female dog and this storm was a hound from hell.

A Rochester community committee of friends and neighbors have established two funds what will enable you to help in this time of our great need. These two funds are jointly coordinated so that a gift to either will be carefully and efficiently allocated so as to relieve some of the economic suffering That Hurricane Irene has inflicted on our valley. The infrastructure damage to this valley is extreme and this will be a continuing struggle to get back on our feet.

A gift to either or both funds is tax deductible. Accordingly, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your gift, and certifying it for tax purposes. Please donate to one of the following funds: Relief For Rochester Vermont, c/o Town of Rochester, PO Box 238, Rochester, VT< 05767. Checks should read, Relief for Rochester, VT. The 2nd fund is Rebuild Rochester Vermont Foundation, Inc., 122 South Main St., Rochester, VT, 05767. Checks should read, Rebuild Rochester VT Foundation.

Pittsfield's 427 residents all survived any loss of family, however the roads and homes were crushed and swept away by massive flash floods. The Pittsfield Relief Fund can be aided by making your checks to: Pittsfield Federated Church, Hurricane Relief Fund, PO Box 623, Pittsfield, VT 05762 or you can donate through PayPal.

Check out the various towns' websites for more information.

For information on Stockbridge, VT, you can call Cathy at 746-8400, go to their webpage at In addition there is a food shelf open at the Stockbridge Central School from 4 to 7 pm. Contact Melissa Levy at 234-5032 with any questions, The food shelf is open to all residents.

Thought for the Week: "Vermont is a state I love… I love Vermont because of her hills and valleys, her scenery and invigorating climate, but most of all; I love her because of her indomitable people. They are a race of pioneers who almost impoverished themselves for love of others. If ever the spirit of liberty should vanish from the rest of the Union, it could be restored by the generous share held by the people in this brave little State of Vermont." - President Calvin Coolidge, (Speaking after the floods of 1927, couldn't have been said better for right now).

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