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Two Vt. businesses work together to make one brew

5- Woodstock Farmers Market Beer - Simcoe

WOODSTOCK - There's something brewing at Woodstock Farmers' Market - Farmers' Simcoe IPA, a special edition ale made in a collaborative effort between Rock Art Brewery and Woodstock Farmers' Market.
It began a year ago when market owner Patrick Crowl approached Rock Art Brewery to request a collaborative artisan beer, The Farmers' Ale, to be sold as a commemorative item celebrating the Farmers' Market's 20th anniversary. It was such a hit with customers that Crowl decided to do it again and Rock Art agreed.
"Rock Art is a small microbrewery whose absolute commitment is to artisan, small batch and seasonal brews," explained Crowl. "They make outstanding ales and are able to make small enough batches for it to be affordable for us. Most importantly, Rock Art and Farmers' Market have shared visions of attention to detail, outstanding quality and great service. So it wasn't like we decided to simply throw a label on any old beer or ale. Matt (Rock Art's co-owner) is a laid back version of a mad beer scientist-so fanatical about his beer we know that putting our label on Rock Art's craft will be always be an instant winner," added Crowl.
The Farmers' Simcoe IPA, which comes in a 22-ounce, dark brown bottle called "The Bomber" uses only a single type of hops - the Simcoe hops - which distinguishes it from most craft beers that feature a blend of several hops, primarily for the bittering and aroma stages of brewing. The result is a Farmers' Simcoe IPA that is dark and rich, with citrusy, grapefruit and piney notes.
"I love collaborating with my neighbors," said Renee Nadeau, co-owner of Rock Art. "The Simcoe hops is becoming so popular with brewmeisters that it is becoming difficult to purchase."
Steven Panoushek, deli leader at the market and artisan beer enthusiast, oversaw the collaborative brewing project and recommends pairing the beer with Vermont cheddar cheeses and local apples from Emily's Orchards. He adds that it also pairs perfectly with several of the Farmers' Market's most popular sandwiches all made with bread from Vermont's Klingers Bakery Company. The sandwiches pair beautifully with the robust, Farmers' Simcoe IPA and together make a perfect quick solution for a Fall picnic, Panoushek adds.
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