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VTEP study surveys Vermont’s progress towards 90% renewables goal

The Vermont Energy Partnership recently published its latest study, "The Three-Legged Race: Vermont's Pursuit of 90% Renewables by 2050," an overview of progress towards reaching the Vermont Department of Public Service goal of using 90% renewable energy by 2050.

Findings include:
▪  In order to reach its interim home energy efficiency goal for 2020, the state must weatherize 80,000 homes over the next seven years. At its current pace, Vermont will likely only meet half that goal.
▪  Transportation accounts for 36% of Vermont's total energy consumption, and 59% of carbon emissions. Today, one in 1,756 of Vermont registered cars are electric plug-ins.
▪  Reaching 90% renewable total energy by 2050 will require Vermont to triple its electricity consumption. Yet Vermont now makes less electricity than any other New England state, about half of which is produced by Vermont Yankee.
▪  To move Vermont just 5% closer to 90%, Vermont would need either 262 new 2.2 MW solar plants, five new Lowell Mountain wind projects, or 300 small existing hydro dams.
▪  The chasm between Vermont's renewables present and renewables future - about 3 million renewable megawatt-hours on this side of the 37-year span, 18 million on the other - may simply be a bridge too far, barring unexpected changes.

The Vermont Energy Partnership ( is a diverse group of more than 90 business, labor, and community leaders committed to finding clean, affordable and reliable electricity solutions. Its mission is to educate policy makers, the media, businesses, and the general public about why electricity is imperative for prosperity, and about the optimal solutions to preserve and expand our electricity network.  Entergy, owner of Vermont Yankee, is a member of the Vermont Energy Partnership.