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Vermont enacts state law prohibiting unnecessary motor vehicle idling

Last week, Gov. Peter Shumlin has signed into law S150 - An act relating to miscellaneous amendments to laws related to motor vehicles. Two sections in S150 relate to the idling of motor vehicles.

Sec. 28 - Prohibited Idling of Motor Vehicles - has the general prohibition, "A person shall not cause or permit operation of the primary propulsion engine of a motor vehicle for more than five minutes in any 60-minute period, while the vehicle is stationary." This applies to all motor vehicles. There are exceptions where this does not apply, such as for safety and emergency vehicles, passenger bus comfort, trucks that need to power certain auxiliary equipment, and for occupied truck sleeper berth compartments. Those in violation of the law will be assessed a penalty of $10 for a first violation; $50 - second violation; $100 - third and subsequent violations. Sec. 28 takes effect May 1, 2014.

Sec. 29 - Driver Training Course - states, "All driver education courses shall include instruction on the adverse environmental, health, economic, and other effects of unnecessary idling of motor vehicles and on the law governing prohibited idling of motor vehicles." Sec. 29 takes effect July 1, 2013.

Idle-Free VT Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a primary goal to raise awareness of unnecessary vehicle idling (idling when parked) in Vermont by encouraging adoption of policies, practices, resolutions and curricula to reduce vehicle idling. It also advocates the enactment of local and state laws, regulations, and rules to limit vehicle idling.