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Letter to the Editor: Sense of arrival enhanced by lights

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the comments made with regards to the upgrading of Killington Rd, to make it more attractive. This was started a year ago, when it was noticed that the lights on the center Island atop West Hill Rd, had been abandoned. This year, with the help of Pat Linnemayr, Seth Webb and The Mountain Times, we managed to get half of the trees decorated. We had the "Festival of Lights," the participation was pretty good, not great, as some of our leading businesses chose not to partake in the Festival. However, right after the Christmas week ended, so did the participation.

It was suggested that the lights and decorations be kept up through the entire ski season, starting from Thanksgiving through April to enhance the "sense of arrival." Take a look for yourselves; take a ride up Killington Road some Friday or Saturday night. Lights are an easy way to welcome people to our town and to show that we care.

Richard Kropp