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Letter to the Editor: Richard Kropp

Dear Editor,

We have a Chamber, a select board, and we voted for an option tax to fund improvements to create a four-season resort. Your article is right on the money. It's visual, everything is visual. We have the restaurants, the bars, the ski shops, the music, the dancing and entertainment. What we lack here is the "juice." When one rides up and down the access road and it should not look like is does in the summer: lifeless, dull, unattractive, dead.

I complimented Amy Morrison on her letter to the Editor. Imagine Rockefeller Center without the tree, the lights, the skaters! No one would stop, they'd just pass it by.

I hope your article wakes up those who are so concerned about attracting more business to their establishments. It's time for everyone to take action and stop waiting (and blaming) someone else for not doing it for them.

Richard Kropp

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