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Green Mountain Care should be comprehensive

Dear Editor,

I believe that Green Mountain Care should be as comprehensive as possible, a system where the standard is that of quality of life. A system that puts to rest the multi-tier or package approach to healthcare finance, and focuses on the unique needs of each individual.

The health of the mind is no less important than the physical. The needs of peoples' dental care should not be played against vision or other aspects of medicine; they just as important in realizing our health potential of society as anything else.

I believe that Green Mountain Care should respect and support medically proven aspects of alternative medicine and holistic care; types of health care that has showed results, but has not always gotten the respect of the old regimes of health care finance.

Personally I have been blessed when it comes to health, in spite of less than stellar habits. I have come across many people not as fortunate as me, and the current system often made their lives worse medically and/or financially.  

I remember when even having what was touted as a first rate insurance plan, with a multinational corporation, and not being able to get what the doctors wanted for me. Too many people are left out, priced out and too many things not covered, in a system that should have died long ago. This madness has to stop.

Vermont must choose care over coverage, need over greed by making health care a public good and a human right.

Ivan Smith, Fair Haven, Vt.

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