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Government should be obligated to meet all basic healthcare needs

Dear Editor,

I am a senior with social work and sociology major at Castleton State College. I wish to share my story because people's health needs and their ability to get comprehensive, appropriate care is very important and is also stated in Act 48. We need a health system focused on care, not coverage.

Recently, I went to my eye doctor with interest in changing my prescription because my vision has become worse. My eye doctor informed me that both eye exams, one for lenses and one for contacts, are separate bills and each have a fee well over $100 to be paid up front. My health insurance, like most others, does not cover vision which means that I have to come up with the money just for the exams. I was also informed that new lenses are almost $200 and contacts are about $40 a box each month, also separate bills. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to pay for this and my eyes are being left untreated. Each day I suffer with poor vision and migraines, especially when I am driving or working as a waitress.

This is my story, but I do not want you to choose my needs over anyone else's. I believe that it is government's obligation to ensure that everyone's needs are met. That is why I believe in a healthcare system that puts people first by meeting everyone's health needs.

Samantha Barrale, Castleton, Vt.

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