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July 17, 2015

News Briefs: Lakes Region

By Lani Duke

Police station vote debated . . . again

CASTLETON—A revote on the construction of Castleton’s new police station may have to be set aside, according to town resident Sandy Mayo Jackson. The town should have sent out absentee ballots to all who received them for the March town meeting, she maintains. Since those ballots did not go out, the recent vote, approving a measure which had failed on the town meeting ballot, should be declared invalid, Jackson believes. She has filed a formal complaint, requesting either a hearing or an order for a revote, presumably with the absentee ballot sent out this time.

However, before she made the filing on June 11, the town Select Board on May 25 had already directed the town manager to proceed with the project, hiring an architect and filing for permits. Town counsel Paul Gillies has since filed a response to her complaint (July 8), asking the judge to either deny the motion for a hearing or order another vote. Although the town admits error in the revote, that error was not enough to change the result, according to Gillies’ letter. The town has also filed for a continuance (while it proceeds with the work).

Community loss

CASTLETON—Castleton mourns the death of 75-year-old Patrick Egan, who died recently after a battle with cancer. He had served Castleton as a Select Board member and chair. Mourners remember his community service, his smile and his good humor.


A question going the rounds is: which is the oldest camp on Lake Bomoseen that is still in use? Apparently, it is “Watchpoint,” on Page’s Point, built in the 1870s.

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