October 11, 2018

New pup takes on top fly dogs

New pup takes on top fly dogs

By Katy Savage

Whenever Molly sees water, she can’t control herself.

“She gets really hyper,” said Michael Cimonette. “Whether it’s a pool or a lake, she doesn’t care.”

Cimonette, of Pittsford, has to hold Molly, his 1-year-old Labrador Retriever, back from running and jumping out of his truck to get to the water.

“She doesn’t even think,” he said. “She runs and jumps. She doesn’t care how high it is.”

Molly is a 52-pound Lab. She won a competition Sept. 16 for jumping the length of 22 feet off a dock  into Lake Bomoseen for the Rutland County Humane Society’s annual Dog Dock Diving competition.

Molly improved last year, when she merely jumped a distance of about 8 feet.

In her second year of competition, Molly out-jumped sponsored dogs at the competition. Her jumping abilities place her among the top in the nation.

“She’s awesome to watch,” said Jeff Leonard.

Leonard, who has been competing in dock diving competitions for 11 years, encouraged Cimonette to get Molly to jump in competitions.

About 15 percent of dogs that compete nationally jump more than 20 feet, said Leonard.

This year’s doggy dock diving competition, hosted by the Rutland County Humane Society, was the largest in its 11-year history. Many came to support Leonard whose dog  Chester, a multiple national event winner, was diagnosed with cancer.

Molly as one of about  64 dogs that leapt into the lake last month.

Cimonette had never heard of dock diving before meeting Leonard.

Now, he takes Molly to dock diving competitions all over the Northeast. As Molly’s strength has improved in jumping, Cimonette has also bettered his throwing technique. Molly’s favorite toy is a rubber duck that squeaks. Cimonette has to guess how far Molly will jump.

Molly has her own above ground pool with a dock to practice on at home.  Cimonette is trying to find a sponsor for Molly.

“She’s a crazy puppy for doing this,” Cimonette said.

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Molly, a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever, jumps for a  toy thrown by owner Mike  Cimonette of Pittsford. She can jump 22 feet, placing her among the nation’s best dock divers.

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