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October 15, 2015

Love and relationships, a sacred thing

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Libra Moon, with aspects that tell me the next few days are bound to be a little intense. This could get completely out of hand. We could talk about how that makes it imperative for us to stay on our toes, and be 100 percent conscious about our reactions and responses, but you know as well as I do that when the aspects are tough, the best we can do is take the high road, and try to keep a lid on the stuff that only makes things worse.

Instead of doing the usual thing I’d like to talk about Venus and Mars this week. Mars moved into Virgo on Sept. 25, and Venus entered that sign on Oct. 9. Mars and Venus are relationship indicators. When they roll through the sign of the Virgin they ring up the piece that responds to love, and the whole concept of relationships, as a sacred thing.

People born under this influence need to treat everything they do as if it is a holy act. This sounds totally out there to many of you, I am sure, but it becomes less bizarre once you realize that Virgo is the place where we get to pierce the veil that separates what is profane from what is sacred — this is where the mundane-ness of life is transubstantiated by whatever it is that our spirits bring to it. When Virgo’s involved, it helps to understand that everything is the ‘Sistine Chapel.’

In the human being, Venus and Mars relate to the Anima and the Animus. They govern the right and the left, or the Female brain, and the Male brain respectively. When they are in the same sign it indicates that the male and the female aspects of that individual are balanced, or that the left and the right brain are in unison and don’t argue with each other because they actually see things the same way. Any babies that come into the world this month will have this quality, and they will embody the sense of purity, sincerity, and dedication that is unique to the highest expression of the Virgo archetype.

What is also worthy of note is that Venus happens to be trailing behind Mars right now. This sets up an interesting dynamic for anyone born under this influence. Whenever Venus trails Mars it’s a sign that the person is involved in a lifetime in which the relationship dynamic will require them to have a chain of relationships with partners who come back to clear up any unfinished business from previous incarnations.

It’s interesting to consider things like this because we are programmed to think of relationships in terms of the ‘one and only.’ People with Venus running behind Mars go nuts with the weight of that expectation because they inevitably wind up with a chain of fools, or a series of relationships that last anywhere from five minutes to five years. This parade of affairs gives both souls a chance to tie up whatever didn’t get settled the last time.

In each successive relationship, an impasse, or a stonewall is always reached. At that point the couple has to realize that they have completed their contract, and now it’s time to decide whether there is enough love to continue or if they need to leave each other at the gate. In the act of leaving there can be no regret or blame because each individual has another contract to fulfill. To remain stuck to each other retards the spiritual growth, and as far as the course of true love goes? As crass as it sounds there’s usually another relationship waiting in the wings. Clinging to anyone just holds up the line.

With this in mind, I hope that this weeks’ ‘scopes remind you to consider the sacredness of things and get you thinking about the extent to which our collective beliefs about life and love keep us from connecting with a deeper sense of what we are actually doing here on planet Earth.

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